10 Ways You're Being Too Nice (And Turning Her Off)

1. Approaching Only One Woman At A Time

Not every woman you try to flirt with is going to respond well. Not every woman you ask out is going to say yes. It's a numbers game, simple as that. So when you work slowly and only approach the woman you're most interested in, the one you've fancied for ages, there's a) a larger chance of rejection and b) a chance it will look to the outside world like you're too scared to get your hands dirty (dating-wise). In terms of a), you're basically putting all your eggs into one basket, instead of spreading out your chances (er, eggs). So while you've been mustering up the courage to talk to the girl you've been fantasising about all throughout uni, your friends have gotten five different numbers -- at least one of them is bound to work out. Versus your one. Get my drift? In terms of b), while cute, waiting and planning to go after that one special girl comes off like you're too fragile to try for more than one woman at a time. And there's that word you hate: cute.


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